Hello everyone! I have been absent for some time having been busy with work and my personal life. I have recently come back from two weeks in America. Before I knew it, half the year has passed by. I decided that a new blog post was well overdo. This website is still very much alive, and I just renewed the SSL so it is secure.

I sat my final STEP exam in May and I am anticipating my exam result this week. Assuming I have passed then I will be eligible to apply for full membership. Once I have that secure I will do another post about my STEP status and journey.


I am a direct access (public access) authorised barrister. I specialise in disputes about inheritance, wills, properties, probate, money in divorce and between neighbours such rights of way and boundaries. I provide specialist advice and representation in court. You can instruct me without having to go through a solicitor first which can save you money.

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