October 2023 Roundup

The month of October saw the following:

  • Advised residue beneficiaries regarding the administration of a death estate. The personal representatives have retained the services of unregulated ‘lawyers’ who are charging a fortune to the estate in fees.
  • Was instructed to represent Claimants in an interim hearing (strike out, applications regarding evidence and limitation) where it became apparent that one of the Defendants’ mental capacity was in issue.
  • Represented a co-owner of a property in a disposal hearing for unpaid rent. The other side’s offer at the doors of the court was easily beaten in the hearing.
  • Advised an executrix regarding a claim made by an adult child under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975. My advice framed the strategy for a mediation the week after resulting in a successful outcome.
  • Advised a defendant regarding a boundary dispute which included a defence by virtue of section 98 of the Land Registration Act 2002.
  • Settled various statement of cases including:
    • reply and defence to counterclaim for proceedings for an equitable account;
    • particulars of claim for a probate action primarily on the basis of insane delusions; and
    • particulars of claim for a declaration that a deceased died intestate by reason of a will having been revoked by marriage (the marriage not being accepted by the beneficiaries of the will).


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