June 2023 Roundup

The following is some of the matters I acted in during June 2023:

  • Written advice regarding inheritance tax liability in relation to a trust set up to avoid care home fees.
  • Appeared in a directions hearing in a TOLATA claim where one party has allegedly lost litigation capacity.
  • Advised an executor of an estate about solar panels on the roof of the deceased’s property lease for which had been lost and not registered at HM Land Registry.
  • Drafted a deed of release to terminate a contract.
  • Advised regarding probate action (challenge to a will) on the basis of the deceased’s insane delusions, maladministration of the estate and also monies which were spent during the deceased’s lifetime when there was a LPA in place.
  • Represented adult child claimants in an Inheritance Act 1975 mediation which settled. The Deceased was the step-parent of my clients and the majority of the estate derived from my clients late father. The Deceased heavily favoured charities and gave her house to her carer.

Never seen Wales so sunny!


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